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Great mission resources on the Internet



A blog with stories, thoughts, tips and questions about China, America and a family’s blended lives between the two.


Encouragement and resources for non-residential, church-based training programmes, including TEE programmes.


Creating a community through partnership to facilitate more effective ministry, stimulate strategic initiatives, and envision and equip the church so that refugee ministries are strengthened and more refugees are served.


This website provides an abundance of useful mobile apps for our digital day and age, plus so much more when you browse the rest of the site.


Another app resource for anyone planning short term mission, with articles, links, books and freebies.


This website will provide you with inspiration and challenge, and an opportunity to sign up for “30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World”.


This website provides daily liturgical prayers plus glimpses into the lives of God’s ordinary radicals – followers of Christ who have made, or are making, a difference in this world.


Our IS International prayer site which posts a daily prayer need from somewhere around the IS world.


This website is all about inspiring children by providing high-quality Christian content for kids, families and teachers.


This organisation provides resources to equip and encourage mission workers and also sending churches, to help them better support their workers.


This has some very good 5-minute films about people living out their faith in hard circumstances.


Very helpful resources for missionaries and other cross-cultural workers; brochures and e-books such as What Missionaries Ought To Know, Coming Home (Re-entry), and many more.


Peter’s Wife contains help and encouragement for women living cross-culturally. It is a place for women working outside their home culture to connect, encourage and help one another.


This is the official website for the 2014 bicentenary of gospel beginnings in Aotearoa New Zealand, with articles, events, and updates as the planning gathers momentum – an important year for NZ!


Some great prayer resources including Seven Ways to Pray for Your Missionary.


One of a range of good websites to browse for mission books, and mission resources on CD and DVD.


This is probably the best site to get a wide spread of international news as soon as it happens, with more indepth coverage available as well.


As an alternative to BBC, this station has certainly impressed globally with mostly sound reporting and great coverage.


This is a fairly new and partly citizen-driven bulletin that aims to be less negative, less passive, and give a different perspective; Avaaz will also give you the chance to take action through petitions and
participating in shaping events as they unfold.


A fun little website to check out your cultural knowledge, with a quiz that will tell you how well you did at the end. Enjoy!


For all those with an interest in business, who want to grow in their missional understanding and become the entrepreneurs and business people God can use to further His Kingdom. 


A website featuring TED-type talks from various events and symposiums that speak into what God has done, is doing these days, or wants to challenge His church towards in regards to a transformed and hope-filled Europe!


What is integral mission? How do we live it? This is a great web resource which helps answer those questions, by sharing experiences, current challenges, reflections and questions.


This site provides up-to-date debt information for the USA: a sobering look at the relentless growth-cycle of indebtedness western nations are in.  


With the by-line ‘ideas worth spreading’ these sharp, short, and often highly innovative talks are well worth browsing – you may not agree with some of the presenters but the website is a great resource to engage with and learn from.


This is the website component to the discount card many of you received in our December mailing. This discount purchasing package can save you hundreds of dollars when purchasing many common products, and it also supports the work of Missions Interlink, umbrella for most of the mission agencies in NZ.


NZ Baptists introduce the new collaboration of major mission agencies serving the Baptist churches of NZ. Each agency is represented but also resources, information, event calendars and more… 


This website provides resources and training to empower people for short term mission.


Kitab is a provider of literature, DVDs and videos in more than 35 languages to help serve Christians in their outreach to peoples of other faiths.


This website provides world-class research to inform, equip and connect the Church with resources for more appropriate and effective mission...


Missions Interlink offers a wide range of information on people, organisations and resources focused on cross-cultural mission in, from and to NZ.


Feedback by four NZ delegates to the recent Lausanne III Congress in South Africa.


A world clock with a difference, bringing eclectic statistics (population figures, diseases, environment, energy and food production etc) into relationship with time – an interesting exercise!


A web-based missions directory with literally thousands of links to a vast array of missional topics, by all sorts of groups, writers, and at times folk with tremendous insights.


Self-described as bringing definition to the unfinished task, the Joshua Project site is overflowing with statistics, information, resources and prayer foci for the least reached peoples of the earth.


The Evangelical Missions Quarterly explores key topics in world mission. Check out their online version for some free articles, or sign up for an online subscription(US$13.95).


Interested in Business as Mission? This site has interesting articles and hundreds of links to all sorts of related topics and businesses/networks.


In the run-up to the big Lausanne III Congress in Cape Town, this website is an attempt towards bringing together the global church to engage with important issues related to world evangelisation: sign up for free, and join any conversation!


Have a look at this website and prayerfully explore how you can engage with your Muslim neighbours - even though Islam Awareness Week is over, you might get inspired...


Resources for reaching Tibetans: this website offers free pdf and audio downloads of contemporary Tibetan scripture materials that are a great way to introduce Tibetans in NZ to the Good News of Jesus.
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