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See below for a list containing some of the agencies and organisations that Interserve is connected with.


Christian Medical Fellowship

Christian Medical Fellowship is a group of Christian doctors and medical students throughout New Zealand with a passion for serving Christ through their work in medicine.

Catalyst: Inspiring Graduates

Catalyst, a branch of TSCF focused on graduates, is a growing inter-generational network of friends in their 20s and 30s, committed to seeing New Zealand flourish through living, applying and expressing the gospel intentionally together in their lives, workplaces, professions, and disciplines.

Destination World

The goal of Destination World is to see 3,000 Kiwis engaged in longer term cross-cultural ministry from, in and/or to New Zealand by 2020. We realise that mission is as much across the street as it is across the world, but the particular focus of Destination World is to promote the challenge of CROSS-CULTURAL mission; taking the gospel (in its fullness) across a cultural boundary – whether that’s in New Zealand or outside of New Zealand.

International Nepal  Fellowship

Established in 1952, International Nepal Fellowship (INF) is Nepal’s longest-serving international non-government organisation. INF helps people affected by TB, leprosy, disability, HIV / AIDS and drug abuse, facilitates development among poor communities, runs medical camps and provides medical training.

Missions Interlink

Missions Interlink NZ (formerly known as NZ Evangelical Missionary Alliance) connects people with a heart for mission (agencies, churches, church mission committees, mobilisers, training organisations, individuals) to enable them to gain mutual benefit and cooperate in joint initiatives.

Mission World

Mission World is a department of the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society, whose mandate is to enable the Baptist churches of New Zealand to fulfil the Great Commission anywhere in the world that God directs. Mission World’s objectives are to inspire, resource and mobilise NZ Baptists to reach the world..

New Zealand Association of Christian Schools

The New Zealand Association of Christian Schools (NZACS) is an association to foster the establishment and the well being of Christian schools in NZ.

New Zealand Christian Network

The New Zealand Christian Network seeks to promote the unity and mission of the Church and reflect the common views held by the 500,000 evangelical or biblically orthodox Christians in New Zealand.

Tertiary Students Christian  Fellowship (TSCF)

TSCF serves to help students reach students for Christ across Aotearoa New Zealand. We help students and graduates to take the gospel to the campus in a way that is relevant, credible and creative. We disciple students and graduates, encouraging them to think about how the gospel applies to the whole of life and helping them to lay foundations for the whole of life.
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