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GO News is produced four times a year, and is available free to everyone who would like to receive it. Each newsletter contains articles relating to cross-cultural mission, news on upcoming events and opportunities, and faith-building resources. 

GO News is designed to “connect the dots” between GO magazine, with its focus on story, and our website, as we seek to establish more regular communication with the various individuals and groupings that make up our wider Interserve relationship network: financial supporters and praying friends; alumni; ex On Trackers; mission-minded churches; and those still pondering the crossing of cultures. Our hope is that GO News will be meaningful to you all.

Our latest issue of GO News features our International Director, Dr Bijoy Koshi. It also includes an article about Partners who, after raising their children in NZ, have gone and set up home in the Middle East, and we hear from Lily, who has two adult children, about how her recent short-term experience in West Asia has motivated her to serve long-term. The newsletter is available for download below, or click here to sign up to receive it by post or email.

PLEASE NOTE: For security reasons, some names and details in GO News articles have been modified or omitted. Photos used do not always represent the locality referred to in the adjoining article. We are happy to share the articles, but please do not reproduce these articles in other publications, or on the internet, without permission.


GOnews-March2016-webGO News [MARCH 2016]

  Connecting the dots: Dr Bijoy Koshi, Interserve’s International Director, reflects on how God has changed the face, composition and character of the global church, and the exciting possibilities these changes have opened up.
  Journey stories: Our National Director shares how he has been inspired and encouraged by his recent visit to South Asia and the Arab world.
  Book corner: The Come Follow Me course, by Tim Green, helps Christ’s followers of Muslim background grow in their new faith.



GOnews-Sept15-webGO News [SEPTEMBER 2015]

  The least of these: An Interserve Partner in Central Asia is helping to provide for homeless people. “God loves the homeless,” she says. “They are Jesus’ brothers and sisters…”
  Feasting with our Muslim neighbours: A young Korean couple are passionate about establishing a community for migrants who have come to Auckland from Muslim countries.
  Book corner: The Jihad of Jesus, by former Interserve Partner Dave Andrews, is a do-it-yourself guide for all Christians and Muslims who want to work together for the common good. 


GOnews-May15-cover-150x212GO News [MAY 2015]

  Tangible Love: Dr Bijoy Koshi, our new International Director, writes about how tangible love is the clearest signal of our desire to honour God in who we are and what we do as an organisation.
  Tackling the challenging questions: Dr Cathy Hine's recent tour had a powerful impact on audiences, challenging them to wrestle with profound issues of faith and practice.
  Book corner: The Plum Tree in the Desert explores the more recent history of Interserve through the stories of ten mission Partners from across the globe. 


GOnews-cover-March2015GO News [MARCH 2015]

  Do Muslim women need saving?: Within Islam, women are both the greatest keepers of tradition and the most radical voices for change. Even extremists have recognised this, and have brutally attacked women and their rights……
  Je suis …?: In the wake of the terrorist attack in Paris, many people worldwide have declared Je suis Charlie, or Je suis Ahmed. But what is needed is a third response: Je suis Jesus...
  Book corner: Interserve International has produced a series of Vision & Practice booklets to help build a greater understanding of Interserve’s ethos and direction. The four topics covered are ‘Business as Mission’, ‘Wholistic Mission’, ‘Working with the Church’ and ‘God, Gender and Ministry’.  

GOnews-Nov14-cover-picGO News [NOVEMBER 2014]

  Turkish churches help refugees: ISIS gave the Yezidi people of Northern Iraq only two options: convert to Islam or die. Ten of thousands of Yezidi have fled to Turkey, and are seeking help from Christians…
  Clarifying the call of God: The Interserve Leaders’ Consultation was held in the Netherlands in September, and the 160 leaders emerged with a clearer, renewed sense of Interserve identity.
  Press Release: Interserve International is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Bijoy Koshy as its next International Director. Dr Koshy will succeed Dr Paul Bendor-Samuel in May 2015.

GOnews-Sept14-WEB-coverGO News [SEPTEMBER 2014]

  Iranian Muslims turn to Jesus: Shiraz, a university graduate from Qom, the Islamic holy city of Iran, could not shake the sense of unease he’d been feeling about his family’s faith in Islam...
  One Little Lunchbox: Mel Burns reflects on what she learned while accompanying Libby Little on her recent speaking tour of NZ.
  Book corner: Discipleship: Reclaiming Mission’s Strategic Focus explores discipleship in the context of mission and where we work as we put discipleship back at the centre of wholistic mission.

GOnews-April14-CoverGO News [APRIL 2014]

  Working with the Church: Interserve is committed to working alongside the national church in this Asian country where more than half of the population belong to Unreached People Groups.
  Freedom through Truth: Pat Stock, one of our guest speakers at Interserve Day 2014, shares about how Theophostic Prayer Ministry can dispel the lies we believe about ourselves.
  Book corner: A Wind in the House of Islam explores the stories of more than 1000 Muslim-background followers of Jesus from each of the nine rooms in the House of Islam.

GOnews-Feb2014-coverGO News [FEBRUARY 2014]

  Sharing Jesus through Dance: how Paul Stock is helping teach Christians truths to Hindu tribal people in Pakistan in a culturally appropriate way. Paul and Pat Stock are our guest speakers at Interserve Day.
  Journeying with the Triune God: Johannes Balzer, Interserve's National Director, shares about how his recent six-month sabbatical has truly enriched his life.
  Book corner: Developing Intimacy with God, by Alex B Aronis, explains a process of prayer that will deepen your relationship with Christ and enable you to experience intimate communion with Him.

GOnews-Nov13-web-front-coverGO News [NOVEMBER 2013]

  The Bread and Water of Life: "Syrian refugees have flooded across our [country's] border and have been placed in camps, where they live in appalling conditions..."
  Addressing Child Exploitation: Beulah Wood points out that there are more causes than poverty behind child abuse in Asia.
  Book corner: Teaching Hundreds to Heal Millions is the powerful story of Dr Beryl Howie, former medical officer for Interserve International.


GOnews-Sept13-WebsiteCoverGO News [SEPTEMBER 2013]

  Filling the Gap: Hope has been working with an Orphanage Project in Central Asia since 2009, but now it is time to close down the project...
  Standing Firm in Their Faith: the opposition is growing stronger for Christian believers in Central Asia.
  Book corner: Because We Care is a practical and motivational guide to evangelism in today's culture.


GOnewsFeb13-coverGO News [FEBRUARY 2013]

  North African adventure: "It's midnight and there is machine-gun fire outside my window. Should I be worried?"...
  Time to build an extension: our guest speaker for Interserve Day 2013, Dr Paul Bendor-Samuel, encourages to believe in growth.
  Book corner: Dreams and Visions - Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World? is a remarkable collection of stories directly from the world of Islam.


GOnewsNov12-coverGO News [NOVEMBER 2012]

  New wave of mission: Interserve has been invited by the Filipino Christian community to set up an office in the Philippines.
  Pray for the Church in China: the number of Han believers are growing, but believers amongst minority groups are facing much pressure.
  Book corner: Justice Just as God Requires - presenting studies in Biblical justice.


GOnewsJuly2012-coverGO News [JULY 2012]

  Children at risk: a semi-retired couple have just started serving in a war-ravaged Arab nation.
  New wineskins, old wine: advances in technology and travel are putting the mission agency under pressure.
  Book corner: Risk and Suffering in Church and Mission - edited by Rev. Dr. John Stringer.


GOnewsFeb12-4websiteGO News [FEBRUARY 2012]

  "Don't cry, God is kind": a nurse in Afghanistan longs to share that God truly does care for those who suffer.
  Hopeful for the future: what will happen when the international troops leave Afghanistan?
  Book corner: Church and Mission - exploring how churches and mission agencies can work together.


GOnewsNov11-websiteGO News [NOVEMBER 2011]

  Crisis in Cambodia: although the floods are receding, they are leaving behind devastation.
  New life and freedom: finding hope through a BAM venture in one of Kolkata's red-light districts.
  Book corner: The People Paul Admired - the latest book by Dr Beulah Wood.


GOnewsJuly11-website.jpgGO News [JULY 2011]

  Offering hope in Kyrgyzstan: providing practical assistance for those who feel forgotten
  Extending God's kingdom: Interserve introduces a new On Track initiative, Consultants in Missionn
  Pastors tour of Turkey: Pastors are invited to join our tour to the vibrant and Biblically-rich Turkey


GOnewsFeb11-CoverGO News [FEBRUARY 2011]

  God is shaking the nations: examing the recent developments in the Middle East and North Africa
  Walking in a minefield: a report from a recent short-term mission trip to Kurdistan
  Study tour of the Middle East: Christian pastors and leaders are invited to participate in this tour of a lifetime


GOnewsNov10-website-cover.jpgGO News [NOVEMBER 2010]

  Tragedy in Afghanistan: a tribute to the ten aid workers who were murdered on 5 August, 2010
  Dear friends: a letter from Afghanistan
  Book Corner: Stand Your Ground - a collection of Vivienne Stacey's writings on spiritual warfare


GO-News-August10-cover.jpgGO News [AUGUST 2010]

  New hope through television
  Aibek's testimony: from dream to reality
  Book Corner: In His Image - understanding and embracing the poor


IS_GOnews_March10_cover.jpgGO News [MARCH 2010]

  From fear to family: understanding your Muslim neighbour
  Mission to North Africa
  Book Corner: Gospel for Muslims


IS_GOnews_Nov09_Cover.jpgGO News [NOVEMBER 2009]

  Open doors in the Arab world
  Steppe by step: Mongolia's Christian history
  Book Corner: Global Mission Handbook

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