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With a history stretching back over 150 years, we have a lot of valuable experience to share with those who are interested. We offer a range of books about cross-cultural mission, written by Interserve Partners and/or staff.   

Please note that we may not hold stock of all the advertised books in our New Zealand office, and that there may be a delay in sourcing them from other National offices, plus an additional postage cost. Also, some of the books are priced in US dollars, and the conversion rate will vary. We thank you for your patience.

PeoplePaulAdmired-200x304.jpgThe People Paul Admired


This latest book by Beulah Wood is an inspirational look at those the apostle Paul commends in his epistles, and examines some important questions.
  Where did the old social barriers break down at the coming of Christianity? In homes.
  What happened to the barrier between slave and free? Gone when they prayed together.
  Where did practise join theology to break down the division between rich and poor or Jew and Greek, so they ate together? In the hospitality of house church hosts.

PRICE: $20 (NZD) + P&H
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Beulah Wood BD, DMin, has published over thirty books in New Zealand, India and the UK. She now divides her time between writing in New Zealand and teaching half of each year at the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies in Bangalore, India.


"Beulah Wood writes in a way that engages the senses... She describes in detail what things looked like, and what things must have smelled like. She describes how she believed people dressed, and why she believed that. And she does all of this embedded in several short story first-person narratives. I would recommend this book for anyone who is looking to understand the New Testament Church, and to think about how this small movement of people meeting in houses went on to change the world..."  Click here to read the complete review.
Clint Walker

"Sometimes when we read the Bible we look at the men and women in its pages as little more than stick figures. In her book, Dr Wood wraps them in flesh and blood and we see the people Paul admired for what they were, real people who lived ordinary lives for an extraordinary cause."
Haddon Robinson, Professor of Preaching, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, USA

"This book will help readers see not only the people Beulah portrays, but insights into their culture and daily existence... For many of us, story is a profound way to teach and learn and Beulah has done a great job of presenting informative detail in a highly digestible form."
Dr Sid S Buzzell, Dean, School of Theology, Colorado Christian University, USA

"A great series, interesting, informative, earthy, provoking group discussion and personal growth. Beulah Wood has made the early church come alive, and shown us how the kingdom affects every part of life."
Ian Kemp, Baptist Tabernacle, Auckland

"These delightful first-person narratives give readers and hearers a great sense of place ... One early church incident after another comes alive for you, as if you were there. This painstakingly researched book is a marvellous way to increase your Bible knowledge."
William David Spencer, Adjunct Professor of Theology and the Arts, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, USA

Family-Cover-200x307px.jpgFamilies in the Plan of God


This book by Beulah Wood is geared toward the needs of South Asian pastors, families, and theological colleges, and addresses felt problems in the 21st century. 
  What is the Christian view of parenting?
  What is an appropriate theology of marriage and inheritance?
  How can young people be protected?

RRP: $25 (NZD) + P&H
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Beulah Wood BD, DMin, has taught, lectured, edited, and written books and articles in India and Nepal for lengthy periods since 1968. Writing on family has become a ministry passion. She urges mutually upbuilding relations between husbands and wives, parents and children, and resources men and women to pass this message on. Currently based at SAIACS, Bangalore, Dr Wood has experienced family as child, sibling, spouse, parent, widow, and grandparent.


"Family is important for children’s first and most essential learning. Beulah Wood has again given us a timely work, a much-needed creative interaction between the Bible and Indian culture in the context of family. You will enjoy it and greatly benefit. Every parent and parent-to-be should read it."
Rev. F. Hrangkhuma, PhD, SAIACS, Bangalore

"Discipleship is not mere conversion. The Church in South Asia has lacked impact when it failed to transform the worldviews of the followers of Jesus Christ. Has the Church succumbed to the culture on the place and role of wives and needs of children? This book helps us grapple with hard questions."
Dr Ashish Chrispal, PhD, International Regional Director-Asia, Overseas Council

"Dr Beulah Wood has packed into this book excellent guidelines on Indian family and relationships. I highly recommend it for individuals, couples, cell groups and family seminars. It challenges us to rethink love, marriage, and family, and helps recognise roles and responsibilities that lead to better marriages."
Pramila Rajendran, Director – Membercare, India Missions Association, Hyderabad

"This treatment of family is honest, biblical and relevant to the South Asian context. Because our greatest threat is that to the nuclear family, the author brings, with case studies, biblical exposition, and questions for discussion, a blue print for strong families. This is a timely book for every Pastor and teacher, and sound material for adult Sunday school."
Rev. Benjamin .C.A, National Director, FEBA India, Bangalore

Grassroots1.jpgDoing Mission in the Arab World [2008]

Edited by Rev Dr John Stringer, this is Interserve's first book in the Grassroots Mission Publications series. It was very well received by mission leaders and mission practitioners in the Arab world and elsewhere.
  178 pages
  $12.95 (USD) + P&H

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Grassroots2.jpgMinistry of Reconciliation [2009]

Edited by Rev Dr John Stringer, this second book in Interserve's Grassroots Mission Publications focuses mostly on issues of reconciliation and mission in the Arab world. For anyone with an interest in mission and the Church in the Muslim world, this is a very valuable book. After the very positive reception of the first book in this series, we believe this book will again be of service to many.
  $14.95 (USD) + P&H

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Grassroot3-100.jpgStand your Ground

A collection of the writings of Vivienne Stacey on spiritual warfare. Vivienne lived a very long and fruitful life as a 'stateswoman' for mission in the Muslim world. She went to Pakistan with Interserve in 1954 and retired (well, officially) in the 1990s.

"Give us more long-term people like Vivienne. These are the people impacting the Muslim world. They know the language, they become deeply embedded in the local church, they slowly begin to understand the culture in which they live. They become effective in speaking of the Gospel of Jesus Christ." 
John Stringer, St Francis magazine

  $18.95 (USD) + P&H

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