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Information Technology

The vacancies relating to Information Technology are listed under the following regions:

Arab world
Central Asia
North East Asia
South Asia
South East Asia
West Asia

This is only a selection of the vacancies that are available. Please contact us, and ask for our Personnel Director, to learn more about these, or other, vacancies. Alternatively, please visit our Interserve International website, which contains all our vacancies worldwide, and then contact our NZ office to learn more.

PLEASE NOTE: Short-term = 1-12 months, Mid-term = 12-24 months, Long-term = 2 years+

Programmer 1377

BCC is a nationwide evangelistic network which seeks to find Turks interested in the Gospel, provide them material so they can discover more about the Gospel, and put them in contact with believers who live near them. It uses web and mobile technology increasingly.
We are looking for a volunteer programmer to write programs in Java, PHP, Javascript, and Android for ongoing and future tasks at the BCC, so that God's Truth can be easily accessed by the public Turks are heavy media users and adapt new technology rapidly. Therefore keeping current with new and emerging mobile and web technology and applications is very important for BCC. As a past example, development of interactive web pages by the BCC has shown a dramatic response from people throughout the country and from many Turks living overseas.
Applicants would need Java and Javascript experience and good user-interface design capabilities. Experience with PHP and with Android app development would be a plus. Besides the technical skills, the person will need to be flexible in working through unplanned and fluid situations. Turkey can be a challenging context for people who need structure and clear direction. A commitment of at least 6 months is needed to be able to get established and make a contribution.
Duration:  Short-Long-term




IT Support Specialist  983

This 75-bed hospital serves the tribal people of the region. It has good operating rooms and is supported by laboratory, pharmacy, X-ray and ultrasound facilities and has physiotherapy and mother/child healthcare departments.
We are in need of an IT Support Person to look after our computers, update our website, oversee the installation of an integrated hospital information system, and teach computer skills to nurses and clerks. The IT person would have to help design our system here and oversee the laying of cable.
This project requires someone with database management experience as it will involve setting up the admissions system, pharmacy and hospital stores in a computerized system. The software is written, and the folks who designed it are in the US.

Duration: Short- to Long-term, Consultant

Media Consultant  1011

This NGO disciples individuals from the local community. They require a person who can mentor and teach promotional literature, both written and electronic, to the local team. This will allow them to use the media for ministry purposes. 

Qualifications will include a good command of English,  will be skilled in the use of a digital camera and associated photo processing software, and additionally be familiar on how to edit audio and video.  Familiarity on the use of websites to share information, knowledge of the use of a DVD camera and relevant software would be useful.
Duration: Short-term, Consultant

IT Manager 309

A non-profit organisation is seeking an IT manager. The job would involve managing the office computer network and providing computer support and training, as well as helping to run an internet cafe. The ideal candidate should have relevant qualifications and experience. There is flexibility to take time for language study.
Duration: Mid-term




IT & Web Administrator  478

A government-registered relief organisation has set up a team to help with post-earthquake rebuilding. They are seeking an IT manager and social media administrator who is familiar and fluent in webpage management, uploading, downloading of text and photos, connecting website to Facebook, WeChat, whatsapps, etc. Knowledge of firewall, vpn, encryption, and other security features is important. Applicants should be hard working, flexible and teachable, and a good team spirit is essential. Paper qualifications can be looked at but it is the experience and attitude that counts most.
Duration: Short- to mid-term  


For more information about Information Technology vacancies in West Asia, please contact us.



For more information about Information Technology vacancies in West Asia, please contact us.



For more information about Information Technology vacancies in West Asia, please contact us.


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