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Information Technology

The vacancies relating to Information Technology are listed under the following regions:

Arab world
Central Asia
North East Asia
South Asia
South East Asia
West Asia

This is only a selection of the vacancies that are available. Please contact us, and ask for our Personnel Director, to learn more about these, or other, vacancies. Alternatively, please visit our Interserve International website, which contains all our vacancies worldwide, and then contact our NZ office to learn more.

PLEASE NOTE: Short-term = 1-12 months, Mid-term = 12-24 months, Long-term = 2 years+

PR and Communications 1328

For over 100 years, our hospital has provided compassionate healthcare to the people of this village. It is a full-service hospital with 75 beds and 24-hour staffing. For many families our hospital provides the only opportunity for affordable quality medical care. The appointee will act as our hospital's representative in all relations and communications with foreign organisations and individuals. The job will include all kinds of communications, fundraising and grant writing, and taking care of guests' needs. Applicants should have a Bachelor's degree, excellent spoken and written English language skills, and strong written, verbal, and presentation communication skills. They will preferably have past experience and knowledge of other cultures and knowledge of hospital systems.
Duration: Long-term

Software Engineer 869

A new business that aims to produce language learning software (initially for spoken Arabic) needs a Java Programmer/Software Engineer to work 3-6 days per week. Required qualifications include experience in Java programming, and JDBC, XML, database programming, and Android development would be desirable. It is not necessary to speak Arabic for this project however it would be possible to work on this project while studying Arabic.
Duration: Short- to long-term


IT Support Specialist  350

This international day school offers a high quality English-medium education with a Christian worldview to 200 students of 13 different nationalities, from K - 12. The school is recruiting an IT Support Specialist.  Responsibilities include maintaining the school's computer system and assisting teachers with day-to-day operations. The ideal candidate will have relevant qualifications and experience.
Duration: Short- to mid-term

IT / Web Designer / Developer  663

This small branch office researching business opportunities for website development in the region has as its aim the opening of a sustainable business through website design and consultation, as well as the training of new developers for job creation and marketability. There is a need for a web developer who could help create a business model/plan as well as help with consulting and training of others. The qualified person will have experience in web developing, be creative, and able to model skills.  Education in IT/web design is a plus but not necessary.
Duration: Mid-term

Media Promotions Person  902

This institute is a long established NGO that specialises in the placement of professionally qualified people into positions related to health, education, engineering, social welfare and community development. They require a person who can produce promotional literature, both written and electronic, to promote the work of the organisation.  The job will involve in-country travel. Qualifications will include a good command of English, experience in the collection of information and the creation of texts in a variety of genres.  S/he will be skilled in the use of a digital camera and associated photo processing software, and additionally be familiar with text publishing software.  Familiarity on the use of websites to share information, knowledge of the use of a DVD camera and relevant software would be useful.
Duration: Short-term

Software Engineering Manager 1068

A small website and mobile app development firm is looking for a Software Engineering Manager. The appointee will manage and mentor local young software engineers in website and mobile app development projects; provide training and project management support for software development projects; and engage directly in computer programming as a part of the software engineering team. The person should be qualified and experienced in website and mobile app software development and in leading such projects. Relevant technologies include HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, SQL, Java for Android, Objective C for iOS. The person should be proficient in English, enjoy working in a team, have a flexible attitude, be able to work in uncertain situations, be a good problem solver and be resourceful.  Cross-cultural experience would be a plus.
Duration: Mid-term

IT Manager 309

A non-profit organisation is seeking an IT manager. The job would involve managing the office computer network and providing computer support and training, as well as helping to run an internet cafe. The ideal candidate should have relevant qualifications and experience. There is flexibility to take time for language study.
Duration: Mid-term

Desktop Publisher / Designer  335

A desktop publisher/designer is needed to develop publicity materials for an organisation that receives goods from international donors and distributes to many other organisations in Central Asia. The job would include designing brochures and advertising materials for use on a local and international level. Other responsibilities would include developing AIDS awareness and other community projects using displays and audio-visual materials. We are looking for someone with creative skills and experience with desktop publishing, photography, video, writing or general artistic ability.
Duration: Short-term

Computer Teacher  357

The job involves teaching computer skills to people from the local community, as well as assisting with other community development programs. Having computing skills, and learning languages such as English or Korean are seen as key skills for career development. The ideal person should have appropriate computer skills and teaching experience.
Duration: Mid-term

IT / Media Specialist  639

PAID POSITION! A literature and educational centre/café in the heart of a large city offers good books, films, courses and various other activities. Its aim is to help people develop and grow through books. The organisation offers all levels of conversational and business English courses. The centre also has a lending library. There is a need for a “techno geek”; someone who could manage the wi-fi, website, library media, and help to improve all of our computer set-ups and software. The ideal candidate should have relevant qualifications and some experience.
Duration: Short-term


IT & Web Administrator  478

A government-registered relief organisation has set up a team to help with post-earthquake rebuilding. They are seeking an IT manager and social media administrator who is familiar and fluent in webpage management, uploading, downloading of text and photos, connecting website to Facebook, WeChat, whatsapps, etc. Knowledge of firewall, vpn, encryption, and other security features is important. Applicants should be hard working, flexible and teachable, and a good team spirit is essential. Paper qualifications can be looked at but it is the experience and attitude that counts most.
Duration: Short- to mid-term  


IT / Tech support  983

A 75-bed hospital that serves the tribal people of the region is in need of an IT Support Person to look after its computers, update its website, oversee the installation of an integrated hospital information system, and teach computer skills to nurses and clerks.
Duration: Short-term

IT/Computer Manager 229

A small boarding school situated in the wooded foothills of the Himalayas is in urgent need of a qualified IT/computer manager with networking experience.  He/she will provide, maintain and develop computer services to facilitate the teaching and learning process as well as the school administration and provide in-service training for staff. The ideal candidate would have excellent IT skills, the personality and skills to motivate and inspire others, the ability to work in partnership and good organisational skills.
Term: Long-term

Recording Technician 220

A Christian recording studio is seeking a recording technician who can also provide computer help.
Duration: Long-term   

Computer specialist  217

A computer specialist is needed with the ability and creativity to set up a consultancy business to serve and train a variety of groups.
Duration: Long-term


Consultant to Web Developers  834

This company provides business IT solutions for large international non-profit and for-profit organisations. The business has about 25 staff and is seeking to grow to 40 people this year.  They are looking for a business lead with significant experience in business analysis and SAP HCM and/or SAP Financials.  This person should be able to act as a lead functional consultant and be able to coach a team of local configurers and developers.  There is some flexibility to take time for language study. The ideal candidate will have relevant qualifications and experience in the field and be able to adjust to a culturally diverse workplace.
Country: Cambodia
Duration: Mid-term



For more information about Information Technology vacancies in West Asia, please contact us.

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