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The vacancies relating to Hospitality are listed under the following regions:

Arab world
Central Asia
South Asia
South East Asia

This is only a selection of the vacancies that are available. Please contact us, and ask for our Personnel Director, to learn more about these, or other, vacancies. Alternatively, please visit our Interserve International website, which contains all our vacancies worldwide, and then contact our NZ office to learn more.

PLEASE NOTE: Short-term = 1-12 months, Mid-term = 12-24 months, Long-term = 2 years+

Volunteers to run a Cafe 1347

A small cafe has been set up within a church. The plan is for the cafe to expand and grow so as to become a focal point within the community. The church is seeking to open up a community centre, in which the cafe will be the hub. The volunteers will need grace, determination and patience.
Duration: Mid-term


Barista 381

This organisation provides a range of educational and social services to the community.  It has a large ESL school with over 150 students, and the teaching staff is made up of both locals and expats.  Besides the school, they have recently opened a new cafe for students and staff. People are needed to work in the cafe and training can be provided on site.  A desire to work with young people is important. This is an ideal short-term role (up to 4 months). If someone wanted to come in this position for longer, that would be possible, but some teaching of English classes would be required as well. No experience required.
Duration: Short- to mid-term

Cafe Manager 750

This organisation provides a range of educational and social services to the community. It has a large ESL school with over 150 students, and the teaching staff is made up of both locals and expats. Beside the school they have recently opened a new cafe for students and staff. The job involves managing a cafe for students and training staff.  A desire to work with young people is important, and a willingness to teach English to students would also be helpful. The ideal applicant will have qualifications in management studies and relevant work experience.  Some overseas experience and ability to work well in a team environment would be ideal.
Duration: Short- to mid-term


Guesthouse Manager/Trainer  1165

A faith-based NGO reaches out to victims of trafficking by offering opportunities to walk free and start a new life. The organisation has developed a unique model in this country, one in which sex workers come direct to the organisation from the brothels by their own free choice, motivated to change their lives. The job involves managing and supervising national managers as they learn skills required in the hospitality industry. There will be opportunities for input into lives as the appointee forms relationships with staff and encourages the development of an individual's abilities. The successful applicant will have experience in hospitality and/or a love for it. She or he will be a committed Christian, with excellent communication ability and an encouraging and compassionate nature, and be a leader with a sense of fun while experienced in constructive team criticism.
Country: Cambodia
Duration: Mid-term

Assistant Manager, Guesthouse  1180

This NGO  succeeds in delivering programmes that attract victims of trafficking, both male and female, from work in bars and brothels to a fresh start in life. Businesses of the organisation provide training and employment for victims.
The assistant manager of the guesthouse works in conjunction with the manager, assisting in the training of staff, and overseeing work done on a daily basis. Direction is taken from the manager. Relationships with trainees lead to discipling and maturing of lives won for the King as skills gained empower them to leave the industry from which they have been rescued.
Applicants should be experienced in hospitality management and in working in a team; flexible, reliable and able to follow through on directions to completion. The successful applicant will also be servant-hearted, able to train/model work skills, patient and kind, and have a good sense of humour to work alongside the local staff trainees.
Country: Cambodia
Duration: Mid-term

Assistant Manager  1181

The NGO provides support, programmes and training for victims of trafficking. They provide employment opportunities for clients in customer service industries, plus medical and psychological supports. Clients come highly motivated to escape the trafficking industry and begin a new life with a fresh start. Up to 20 clients are employed at the Visitor Centre, in positions ranging from head chef to business managers to baristas, and other positions of responsibility. This job offers opportunity to engage with victims wanting a fresh start and empowering them in skills which will equip them for future employment and a stable future. The successful applicant will aim to empower local staff while working alongside them, and will be servant-hearted, experienced in team work and in working in the hospitality industry. Training will be given. Flexibility and reliability are essential as this location has three businesses to oversee.
Country: Cambodia
Duration: Mid-term

Assistant Manager, Café  1182

This NGO works with young women and men who are victims of trafficking, offering them a route out by providing jobs and multi-faceted recovery. Medical and psychological support is offered. The clients are highly motivated to leave the industry, and with skill training and employment in excellent conditions, success rates are excellent.
The organisation's outlet manager oversees all four businesses and the assistant manager will take direction from the outlet manager, supervising the training of local staff in a cafe and in the operation of the House of Prayer, a meeting place for Christians to pray.
Experience in the hospitality industry and in teamwork is an advantage. Flexibility, reliability and a servant heart are needed, along with a willingness to empower the local staff, sensitivity and patience, and a good sense of humour.
Country: Cambodia
Duration: Mid-term



Boarding Parents  242

A small Christian boarding school has an urgent need for boarding parents for Elementary (Grades 4-6) and Junior High School girls. The qualified person/s would have excellent pastoral care skills with high expectations of learning and behaviour, and the gifts to care for children away from their parents and provide a loving environment for them to grow.
Duration: Mid-term

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