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The vacancies relating to Education are listed under the following regions:

Arab world
Central Asia
North East Asia
South Asia
South East Asia
West Asia

This is only a selection of the vacancies that are available. Please contact us, and ask for our Personnel Director, to learn more about these, or other, vacancies. Alternatively, please visit our Interserve International website, which contains all our vacancies worldwide, and then contact our NZ office to learn more.

PLEASE NOTE: Short-term = 1-12 months, Mid-term = 12-24 months, Long-term = 2 years+


Curriculum Coordinator  1335

This is a small, friendly Christian International School that follows the National Curriculum for England and Wales with a focus on the teaching of intellectual character virtues. We are looking for an experienced teacher with a strong background in UK curriculum.
Duration: Short-term to long-term

Science Teacher  1338

This small, friendly Christian International School follows the National Curriculum for England and Wales with a focus on the teaching of intellectual character values. We are looking for teachers, preferably with experience and/or teaching qualifications, to join our professional and energetic staff. Please apply with full CV, photo, covering letter and names of three referees; two professional and one pastoral.
Duration: Short-term to long-term

English Teacher for Adults  1193

PAID POSITION.  This organisation serves people who have fled their own country because of war or disaster, and provides humanitarian assistance, spiritual guidance and encouragement towards self-sufficiency and self-respect.
The Adult English Teacher is responsible for teaching beginning, intermediate, or advanced English to adult refugees at least two evenings per week. He/she needs to be fluent in written and spoken English and be creative, enthusiastic, and resourceful. A CELTA/TOEFL certificate is preferred. ESL teaching experience is required, as is experience in creating original lesson plans and assessment. The applicant needs to have some understanding of and compassion towards refugee issues.
Duration: Short-term

Theology Teachers  386

One of the missions of this school is to train growing disciples to be excellent in the study of the Bible, able to effectively perform Christian ministry and engage their cultures by training and equipping fellow leaders.  Past graduates have gone on to become pastors of churches all over Africa. This job would require the candidate to do theological training in various institutions and schools. The qualified person would be able to teach while making learning fun and life-applicable, as well as have passion in their areas of expertise for specialised tracks including pastoral counseling and teacher training.
Duration: Short-term

Teachers  1066

A Learning Centre meets the needs of refugees by running an urban school for over 500 primary and high school children. It desires to train refugee teachers to become competent teachers.    The school needs numeracy and literacy teachers for working with refugee children.
Duration: Short- to long-term

ESL Teacher  391

This job would entail working with refugee children in school, to improve their English and to give them a good chance for education and a future.  Additional duties would include training refugee teachers in English-teaching as well.
Duration: Mid-term

Teachers  707

PAID POSITIONS.   This non-profit accredited school exists to provide quality Christian education to children of predominantly expatriate families involved in Christian ministry. The school is looking for qualified elementary, middle school, and high school teachers with flexible/adaptable approaches to teaching. We are seeking to recruit a high school teacher and four elementary teachers for the 2014-2015 school year. We are looking for committed Christians, actively involved in ministry, with consistent participation in a local church, and a role model of Christian character for the young people and their families. He or she should possess a degree in education or subject area of teaching. Experience beyond student teaching is helpful but not required.
Duration: Mid-term



Business Teacher 1143

PAID POSITION. This is the primary economics and business university in the capital of this Central Asian nation. As such, they desire to prepare local students to go into the business world with a strong knowledge base and a strong business skill set. The university is seeking people who can teach local students about various business topics in the university’s English language business department.  Teaching will be in English, and will help local students to learn how they can make a difference and have impact in the business world.  Teaching business English itself can be part of the role if the candidate teacher so desires. The ideal candidate for this role would be someone with experience teaching business, particularly to those at the university level.  Those who have additional experience teaching English would be a golden addition to the staff of this national university.
Duration: Short-term to long-term

Biomedical Science Professor 1177

PAID POSITION. A major university in Central Asia established a School of Medicine in 2014. The School's mission is to educate a new generation of clinically skilled and research-focused physicians prepared for leadership positions in research, academia, and health care to improve the health of individuals in Central Asia and around the world. The university is seeking assistant, associate and full professors for the Department of Biomedical Sciences. Research responsibilities will complement the basic science medical school curriculum. The successful candidate will have an MD, PhD, or equivalent graduate/professional degree, and demonstrated professional teaching and research experience. Excellent communication skills and English fluency are required. Candidates working in any area of biomedical sciences, including microbiology, cell biology, pharmacology, biochemistry, immunology, pathology, genetics, and population medicine and public health, are encouraged to apply.
Duration: Mid- to long-term

ESL Teacher 1154

PAID POSITION. A major university in a large Central Asian city focuses on economics and finance, oil and gas, information technologies, and telecommunications. The university is seeking a suitably qualified ESL lecturer for a full-time position. The job requires appropriate qualifications at MA level, and some experience.
Duration: Short- to long-term

Teachers 1110

An international school (K-12) based in a major city in Central Asia is seeking qualified teachers for specific High School subject areas and elementary classrooms. The school serves a wide community including expat children from many different nationalities.
We offer a professional team environment and a supportive community. A stipend is offered to offset the amount of financial support required to be raised by teachers. Being a native speaker of English and having some experience is preferable but not essential.
Duration: Mid- to long-term

Science Teacher  329

A small international school in a major city in Central Asia is recruiting for a general Science teacher for secondary age students. The ideal candidate should be a qualified teacher. A native speaker of English with experience is preferable but not essential.
Duration: Mid-term

Math Teacher  434

A small international school in a major city in Central Asia is seeking a secondary Math teacher. A native English speaker with experience is preferable but not essential.
Duration: Mid-term

ESL Teacher  365

PAID POSITION. This organisation runs a literature and educational centre/café in the heart of a large city. It offers good books, films, courses and various other activities to the local community.  Its aim is to help people develop and grow through books. An English teacher is being sought to join the current teaching staff of several locals and expats. There are around 90 students at this centre - mostly adult students and young professionals, as well as some school-aged classes. The ideal applicant should have ESL qualifications and some teaching experience.
Duration: Mid-term

Special Needs Teacher  338

We are seeking a special needs teacher to work alongside the local teachers at a local school in a major Central Asian city. The school has approximately 160 children, ages 5-15, and caters for families from various social and religious backgrounds       .  The candidate would also help to train local teachers in ways and methods of teaching children with special needs. Time will be allotted initially for language study. The appropriate qualifications and a love for children are essential.
Duration: Mid-term

Language Student  910

There are opportunities and openings to study at a well-known university in a major Central Asian city. Students can enroll in Russian or Central Asian languages, joining a class of foreign students seeking to improve language skills.  The applicant should have a desire to learn a foreign language.
Duration: Short-term

Sport / PE Trainer  972

This shelter for women provides temporary accommodation for women who have suffered from domestic violence, trafficking, prostitution or teenage pregnancy. We need a volunteer to help set up a programme for physical exercise at the shelter. The ideal person will have a heart for women who have experienced much suffering and very little love. She will need to be loving and kind, able to listen but also able to push when needed.
Duration: Short-term

Creative / Handicraft Teacher  973

This shelter for women provides temporary accommodation for women who have suffered from domestic violence, trafficking, prostitution or teenage pregnancy. A female volunteer is needed to set up a programme for creative therapy at the shelter. She will also train the shelter staff to enable them to continue the programme fter she leaves. The ideal person will have a heart for women who have experienced much suffering and very little love. She will need to be loving and kind, able to listen but also able to push when needed.
Duration: Short-term

Law Lecturer  748

PAID POSITION!  A prestigious university in a large Central Asian city is looking for part-time faculty members to teach in the Law School for a variety of courses including the areas of International Arbitration, International Business and Finance, Public International Law, and Constitutional Law. The language of instruction is English, so good spoken and written English is required. The job offers a challenging and collegial work environment and a generous salary package. The successful applicant should have a minimum of masters or PhD in law related subjects.
Duration: Mid-term

Chinese Teacher  548

An organisation that runs a cultural and language centre in a major city in Central Asia is seeking a Chinese language teacher. Work hours are flexible and language learning is encouraged before the job commences. The ideal candidate will have appropriate teaching qualifications and experience.
Duration: Short- to long-term

Computer Science Lecturer  632

PAID POSITION! The Software Engineering programme of an international university is seeking a faculty member with a strong background in Computer Science. Preference will be given to candidates who can teach Computer Architecture, Circuit Engineering and Computer Network Organisation. Applicants should hold a PhD or Masters in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology or other related fields. He/she needs to be fluent in English, as it is the language of instruction, and teaching experience is preferred.
Duration: Mid-term

ESL teacher  366

PAID POSITION! This private English school has been operating since 2005 and has recently bought new facilities. There are several local teachers in the school, and they seek a foreign teacher to join the staff. The job involves teaching English to mainly high school age students, as well as some primary aged classes and adult groups. The ideal applicant should have a CELTA, TESOL or equivalent ESL qualification. Experience in IELTS or TOEFL exam preparation is desirable but not essential.
Duration: Mid-term

Business Lecturer 380

PAID POSITION! A prestigious university is seeking faculty members in the areas of accounting, finance, management, marketing, economics and public administration. The applicant should have a Masters degree or higher in the relevant field, and at least three years teaching experience. The university operates in English and offers potential candidates a challenging and collegial work environment, and a generous salary package.
Duration: Mid-term 

Chinese Teacher 307

URGENT! PAID! A language school is looking for a Chinese Teacher to teach Standard Chinese using simplified characters to local Central Asian students, through classes, small groups, as well as private tuition. The ideal applicant will be a professional teacher with experience in teaching Chinese to foreigners. The salary will be commensurate with qualifications.
Duration: Short-term



English Teachers  286

Opportunities exist at a number of schools and colleges for native English speakers and/or TEFL/TESL qualified people to teach English. The government of this country is keen on improving the quality of English so there is a great demand for English teachers, both in the capital and also in other locations, both short-term and long-term.
Duration: Short-to long-term 



Teachers  1312

PAID POSITIONS. This  International school is a Christian international school from KG – Grade 12. We exist to provide academically excellent learning opportunities within a college preparatory course of study, following an American school curriculum. Teachers are required for High School Sciences (Physics and/or Chemistry),  Middle/High School Math, Middle/High School Science/Biology,  Art, Foreign Language (Spanish, French, Japanese or German), Drama, Music, Physical Education, Special Education, English as a Second Language (ESL). Requirements include Christian faith and worldview; a minimum of BA degree in specified subject; full teacher certification; desire, flexibility and ability to teach children from a variety of backgrounds and culture. Experience in AP/higher exams is beneficial but not a requirement.             
Country: India
Duration: Long-term

Teachers  776

PAID POSITIONS. We are looking for experienced and enthusiastic teachers with ability to teach, communicate and train teachers for an English medium girls' school. Teachers of all subjects are needed to work alongside and help improve the skills of the local teachers.             
Duration: Long-term

University Faculty  1023

PAID POSITIONS. A brand new liberal arts and sciences university is looking for faculty!  It will offer high quality programmes of study in a collaborative learning environment. With highly qualified Ph.D. faculty and a targeted student/faculty ratio of 12:1, the University will ensure that students pursue unique paths inspired by individual passion and enthusiasm. The university is inviting applications for faculty positions at various levels (assistant, associate or full professor) for its School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, and for its School of Science and Engineering.
Duration: Long-term

Secondary Teachers  302

A school run by a community health and development NGO is in need of O level (grade 10) teachers for the following subjects: Basic Math; Physics; Advanced Math; World History; Chemistry; Biology; and Science Lab Practicals.
Duration: Long-term

Korean Support Teacher  256

This small boarding school supports the educational needs of expatriate families serving in this and neighboring countries. There is an urgent need for a Korean support teacher or boarding parent to help the growing community of Korean students throughout the school. The qualified person/s would have knowledge of Western and Korean educational systems, excellent classroom practices or pastoral skills with high expectations of learning and behaviour, and the personality and skills to motivate and inspire others. She/he would also have a good command of spoken and written English.
Duration: Short-to long-term

School Chaplain  230

An international school that provides education for the children of expatriates who serve in this country and neighboring countries is seeking a School Chaplain with counselling skills. The qualified individual would have excellent classroom practice with high expectations of learning and behaviour, the ability to work in partnership and the personality and skills to motivate and inspire others.  This is a position for someone with a personal Christian commitment with an evangelical outlook.
Duration: Long-term

University Lecturers   188

University education is highly prized here. There are too few national Christians with the qualifications required and universities seek additional faculty staff. There are opportunities for lecturers in business and medical fields at colleges and universities. The need is for well-qualified academic staff with Masters or PhD qualifications, who are flexible enough to adjust to local educational methods and who are able to relate well in a different culture.  English will be sufficient in many universities.
Duration: Long-term

Primary and Secondary Teachers 299

This international school was set up initially for the children of mission workers, but now teaches 200 children from all backgrounds. The ethos is publicly Christian and expatriate staff are all Christian. The school is looking for teachers (primary and secondary) able to teach to the British National Curriculum (primary school) and international GCSEs.
Duration: Long-term   



ESL Teachers  1187

Based in the capital, this is a small nonprofit business serving local people through medical education and healthcare delivery. As well as teaching medical subjects, it teaches general English, mainly to medical students, so that they can then access the huge resources available in English. In a country with some of the worst healthcare outcomes in the world outside of Africa, creating competent healthcare services that are available to all starts with training a new generation of doctors more effectively. You will work with local medical students to inspire and teach, and prepare them for rural service in their early years post-university. Longer-term workers will be able to follow these relationships into the field, continue training and/or work to pioneer healthcare services that will be models for wider implementation. English teachers do not need medical experience, as they are teaching general English. However, there are options to teach more specialized language or vocabulary. Teachers should be energetic and fun loving, to motivate and inspire students.
Duration: Short-term to long-term

Teachers  918

PAID POSITIONS. Would you like to join our dedicated team of teachers, who are committed to supporting world missions by providing quality, Christ-centred education for families of international Christian workers in this country? This vibrant school community has 380 students from 31 nationalities, from preschool to Year 13.
Duration: Mid-term

ESL Teachers  884

There is a high demand from small businesses, schools and universities for qualified English teachers. A number of openings give opportunities to share your life, heart and knowledge with local people by teaching English and/or training local teachers to teach English. Suitable individuals would have an educational background in English and/or TESOL/TEFL. A bachelor's degree of any kind and TESOL qualifications are required for obtaining a visa. Additionally applicants need a heart for serving people and for being an example in a workplace.
Duration: Long-term

English Teacher  875

The organisation is a small private course centre with about 100 students studying English. There are private classes, English conversation classes in small groups, and classes given for companies.  The organisation is hoping to grow in order to support ministry in the region and open up ways for foreigners to work in the country. They are seeking native English speakers who are willing to teach English. An educational background would be beneficial but is not necessary, as curriculum is provided and very straight forward. The placement is best suited to a couple or two singles coming together. Applicants need to be flexible and willing to travel as the team is five hours away from the course centre and regular travel to meetings is required.
Duration: Short-term

English Teachers  680

This training centre is one of the best recognised language schools in the country. They offer both English and local language classes as well as vocational skills training. There is an on-going need for short-term and long-term English teachers with TESOL qualifications. A minimum five-week commitment (summer term) is required. There are also opportunities for teachers who have a qualification to teach Chinese, Korean, French or computer English for a minimum five-week commitment.
Duration: Short- to long-term



English teacher  554

English teaching is currently the most accessible job in this country.  Many secular schools at all levels (elementary, secondary, university and adult education) are seeking native English teachers and some offer good compensation. These jobs provide residence and the opportunity to meet with students and school administrators, demonstrating the spirit of love. The requirement for native English speakers is an undergraduate degree in any subject and a TEFL certificate, which can be earned online with relative ease in a couple of months.  Appropriate experience is valuable but not required.
Duration: Long-term


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