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Community Development

The vacancies relating to Community Development are listed under the following regions:

Arab world
Central Asia
North East Asia
South Asia
South East Asia
West Asia

This is only a selection of the vacancies that are available. Please contact us, and ask for our Personnel Director, to learn more about these, or other, vacancies. Alternatively, please visit our Interserve International website, which contains all our vacancies worldwide, and then contact our NZ office to learn more.

PLEASE NOTE: Short-term = 1-12 months, Mid-term = 12-24 months, Long-term = 2 years+


Children's worker  1406

This organization serves people who have fled their own country because of war or disaster, and provides humanitarian assistance, spiritual guidance and encouragement towards self-sufficiency and self-respect.
The responsibilities of this role involves developing and running children's activities within a refugee camp setting. There is a need for positive activities,creative expression and processing the traumatic experiences for the children. 
The ideal person will be experienced in children's ministries, flexible, good at improvising, and able to work cross-culturally. Candidates should plan to work on learning the local language.

Duration: Mid-term     

Refugee Worker  556

This organisation consists of various groups (churches and para-churches) and are in the need of a individual who is willing to serve these displaced individuals. 
There are many needs that can be met from physical, social, spiritual, psychological, relational, financial, etc., so wholistic ministry is needed. 
We are open to creative, pioneering initiators, as well as administrative, technical implementers, and anything in between. Everyone is welcome to come and show Christ's love and compassion to these refugees. Just about every kind of work can be done, so the job can be tailor-made to the applicant.

Duration: All terms are available 



Youth/Social Worker  379

A community centre, set up in 2003, aims to provide a range of services to the community. 
The job involves working closely with a local team, running courses in character development, stress management, and leadership training as well as organizing recreational activities for the centre. Other responsibilities include helping to develop teaching materials on relevant topics. 
The applicant should have relevant qualifications and several years' experience in youth/social work. Fluency in English and some Mandarin is preferable.
Duration: mid-long-term     

Personnel Director  1324

This non-profit voluntary organisation serves in the fields of eye care, training of health care professionals, complementary adult education, community development and community health. It is seeking to strategically serve the people of this country in an unpredictable and resource-constrained environment, and with a smaller expatriate team. The Personnel Director will develop and maintain a working environment that follows best practice in human resource management and encourages and empowers national staff and expatriate volunteers, enables projects to reach their objectives, and enables the organisation to fulfill its mission. A degree is most likely required by the government to obtain a work permit.
Duration: Long-term     

Disaster Preparedness Coordinator  499

This organisation is dedicated to positively impacting societies with compassion and integrity through relief and development programmes. We are seeking someone to set up a system for responding to natural disasters like floods and earthquakes. Training and experience in this or a related field is necessary.
Duration: Mid-term

Social Worker  925

A small NGO in a major city that runs a prison ministry, halfway house for women in crisis, and small business initiatives to help towards sustainability is seeking a social worker. The qualified person would assist with caring and restoring women from prison and other crisis situations, and also train local staff. The successful applicant will have social work qualifications and at least three years experience in relevant areas.
Duration: Short-term 

Male Social Worker  975

This shelter for women provides temporary accommodation for women who have suffered from domestic violence, trafficking, prostitution or teenage pregnancy. We need a male Social Worker to connect with the men that are the cause of the domestic violence. He will provide counselling and training, in areas such as controlling anger, frustration, and how to communicate. This position also involves training local men how to do this job, and setting up prevention workshops at schools. The right candidate will have a lot of patience and compassion for men who do not know how to love in a positive way, and lack the ability to communicate their feelings. He also must be willing to stay long-term, and not expect instant results. Experience in dealing with alcohol addiction would be very helpful.
Duration: Long-term

Social Worker  502

A Children’s Centre is seeking a community development social worker to bring new thoughts and ideas to improve the work, assist the current social worker and other staff in their work with families in crisis through providing training and consultations. Other duties would include helping the office manager run the website and produce newsletters for stakeholders. The Centre is looking for someone who will spend time with the children, playing with them and teaching them English; someone who will bring his/her own gifts to the team. The qualified person will have previous experience in a social field, a love of children and compassion for this country.
Duration: Mid-term

Regional Director  496

An organisation dedicated to positively impacting societies with compassion and integrity through relief and development programs is seeking a Regional Director to oversee the organisations projects. The qualified person will have training in community development and experience in cross-cultural management.
Duration: Long-term

Country Director  493

An organisation dedicated to positively impacting societies with compassion and integrity through relief and development programmes is seeking a Country Director to lead its work and set strategy. Necessary qualifications include training in development/management and experience on the job, preferably in a cross-cultural setting.
Duration: Long-term

Personnel Director  489

This Christian charitable organisation currently has 200 national staff and a small international team working. The Personnel Director will promote good practice in staff recruitment, management and support throughout the organisation, leading to development and retention of staff.
Duration: Long-term

Youth / Social Worker  379

A community centre, set up in 2003 with the aim of providing a range of services to the community , is looking for a Youth / Social Worker. The job would involve working closely with a local team, running courses in character development, stress management, leadership training as well as organizing recreational activities for the centre.  Other responsibilities would include helping to develop teaching materials on relevant topics. The applicant should have relevant qualifications and several years of  experience in youth/social work. Fluency in English and some Mandarin is preferable.
Duration: Mid-term


Paediatric Physiotherapist  880

This development centre brings in disabled children from the countryside for intensive two-week sessions of physiotherapy and/or speech therapy. A Physiotherapist is urgently needed to fill the gap created by the long-term therapist returning home and the local trainee being on maternity leave.  This post offers the opportunity to have a significant impact on the lives of families with disabled children, for whom very little is provided in the society.  There is a need for someone who can train a Mongolian assistant to continue the work longer-term.  At least a year's commitment would be good, with immediate start. Ideally the physiotherapist should have experience with children, but any trained therapist would really help!  To work well in this culture requires flexibility and patience, as well as the willingness to take initiative and learn from others.
Country: Mongolia
Duration: Mid-term

English Teachers  286

The government of this country is keen on improving the quality of English so there are many openings for English teachers and enquiries are welcome! There is a great demand for native English speakers and/or TEFL/TESL qualified people to teach English, both short-term and long-term, at a number of schools and colleges. 
Duration: Short- to mid-term



Finance Director  1326

This integrated rural health and development mission has a 150-bed hospital, a Nursing Institute, a Training Centre, a large community health and development project, and a 150-student English-medium school. It has an annual budget of over $2 million. The Finance Director will be responsible for the provision of efficient, effective and high quality, integrated financial services to all components of the project. The Finance Director should have a master's degree in accounting or business administration, or equivalent business experience and 10+ years of progressively responsible experience for a large organisation or division of a large organisation.
Country: Bangladesh
Duration: Long-term

Community Health Physician  222

A physician interested in TB and AIDS control is needed for a TB clinic.
Country: Pakistan
Duration: Long-term

Community Development Worker  950

An experienced Community Development Worker is needed for a newly restarted development programme that trains national staff and community volunteers.
Country: Pakistan
Duration: Mid- or long-term



Community Development Worker  883

There are a number of NGOs involved in development initiatives in cities and rural areas across this country where there are many physical and social needs. Poverty, lack of education and inadequate medical services prevail. There are many opportunities for highly qualified community development workers to come alongside with professional training to support national initiatives in areas such as sanitation, agriculture and healthcare. The qualified candidate must have a heart to learn and serve, the ability to relate across cultures and in difficult contexts and the willingness to learn the local language and culture to a high level. Having appropriate training and experience in community development, he/she will be a team player with a commitment to community engagement and empowerment.
Duration: Long-term

Doctor / Project Manager  967

This NGO has been working in the country for many years; their projects focus on hospital support, TB prevention and silk and tea production.    We are looking for someone to manage and run a project to improve the quality of hospital health care and to increase the capacity of doctors in provincial and district hospitals. The ideal person will be a medical doctor (GP or internal medicine preferred) with experience or training in public health and tropical diseases. Good knowledge of written and spoken English is required, as is mastery of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programmes.
Duration: Long-term

Youth and Community Worker  823

This opportunity would involve reaching children in a slum community. The qualified volunteers would help create and run children and youth clubs. They should have a heart for kids in these age groups.  A minimum term of 6 months is required.
Country: Thailand
Duration: Short-term

Medical Doctors  116

A Christian hospital, located in a rural area, urgently requires urgently require medical doctors for at least six months. Experience in the developing world is essential. Surgical skills would be useful but not necessary. Translation is available. The hospital has approximately 50 beds and serves a large community. It is set in a village with a vibrant Christian community which includes a Christian school, community based rehab project for the disabled, a home based care project for people living with AIDS, two churches, and a large hostel. It is a wonderful place to become immersed in a rural community.
Country: Thailand
Duration: Mid-term


Refugee Workers  556

There are active ministries in West Asia that are working with refugees, primarily from Iran, but also from Afghanistan and other countries. More volunteers are needed.
Duration: Short- to mid-term

ESL Teacher  1019

PAID POSITION. This is a growing English-medium, multi-faceted educational organisation. There is provision for children aged 3-13 at present, as well as ESL teaching to students who attend state schools. The education centre is a warm and friendly community benefiting both local teachers, by training them in new methods, and the children who attend, some with special educational needs or from impoverished circumstances. The ideal person would have experience of teaching English as a second language to children.  However, anyone keen to work with youngsters and with a basic ESL training, as well as a commitment to learn and grow in their skills, will be considered.
Duration: Short- to mid-term

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