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On Track Plus is what some call ‘middle mission’, and is Interserve’s option for those wanting to go and serve from 12 months up to a maximum of 24 months.
The information on this page should be read in conjunction with our On Track information, so if you haven’t already read through our On Track page, we recommend you do so before proceeding with On Track Plus.

Reasons for On Track Plus

As we seek to walk with people on their journey in mission, we find a good number who want to serve for a significant time (more than a year) but who, for various reasons, are not yet ready, or able, to commit themselves to be longer term partners.

The issue has been highlighted in an Evangelical Missions Quarterly article called “Middle Mission” (January 06 edition) which says:
“Mission agencies need to start recognizing and developing programs for people in ‘Middle Mission’, individuals who are somewhere between short and long-term commitments. Many people today (most under the age of thirty) have done several short-term mission trips but are not in a position to make a long-term commitment.”

This programme is designed to prepare individuals for effective long term mission service by providing “stepping stones” between short and longer term service.

On Track time frames

On Track (OT) is from 1 to 12 months total time spent serving with an Interserve country team.
On Track Plus (OT+) is up to 24 months total time spent serving with an Interserve country team.

On Trackers who are currently serving for less than 12 months, but who are enjoying their time so much that they want to extend it, can apply to join OT+ while still on location in their country of service.  
If, upon completing 24 months of short term service, you want to continue to serve with Interserve, there are two options available. You will first need to return to New Zealand, for a time of rest and refreshment and to reconnect with family and friends, and then you can choose from one of the following alternatives:
  • Apply as a Partner (fairly straightforward, and based on the previous OT+ application); or
  • Apply as a returning professional (conditions apply).

Application process and requirements for OT+

Our selection for OT+ will be of greater depth than for the OT programme, and more in line with a Partner application process. The application will include:
  • Completion of OT+ application form
  • Signed OT+ commitment
  • Full medical and psychological tests (as for Partners)
  • A few suitable references (as for Partners)
  • Interview with National Office personnel staff
  • Suitable orientation (generally more than for the OT programme) including planned attendance of our international orientation programme, E2S, during the OT+ programme
  • Adequate financial support for the duration of the programme (especially for OT+ we encourage a percentage of support to be raised from friends, church and those who will form the support team back home)
  • Language learning will be part of the requirements for most countries
  • Invitation from the relevant country team leadership (CTL) to join the OT+ programme.

Application for OT+ while on location in a Country Team

If someone is already on location serving with a country team and wants to extend their OT to an OT+ programme, we will look for the following criteria to be met before commencing with the OT+ programme (i.e. before the beginning of the 13th month of short-term service).

The applicant will:
  • Have completed a minimum of 6 months OT experience
  • Have filled out the OT+ application form and returned it to us here at the NZ National Office, with a copy to the CLT
  • Have signed our OT+ commitment
  • Have agreed to attend our international orientation week (E2S) and the yearly country team conference during the OT+ programme
  • Participate in language learning as per the requirements of their country of service.

Costs for the OT + programme

Unless their placement is fully salaried (which only applies to a very few) we encourage those coming for OT+ to raise their financial support from friends, family, and their church/support team. As we serve the marginalised and needy in the some of the world’s hardest places we cannot expect those we go to serve to pick up our tab – that is the privilege of those of us who are called to send!

To learn more about OT+, please contact us by phone on 0800 446 464 or by email.

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