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The core of our work is our long term programme. We believe that serving people and establishing genuine, lasting relationships is the best way to model the love of Christ. Building relationships with people in the countries where Interserve works requires a serious commitment and investment of time, but the benefits that arise from this commitment are enormous. In these countries it is difficult to make serious, lasting friendships if you are only there for a short period of time.

Usually Partners spend 2-3 years overseas before returning for 3-4 months of Home Assignment, when they will spend time with supporters. After this time Partners have the option to return for a further 2-3 years of service, or longer. Time overseas includes an initial period of language and cultural study, and immersion into the country of service.

It is our belief in Interserve that every type of work is mission if it is done with the aim of serving God and seeing His kingdom built. Kingdom professionals can use practically any professional qualifications and skills to serve with Interserve, so whatever your job is, God can use it at home or overseas.

Interserve Partners are working in a huge range of professions including those listed at the bottom of this page. If we have no Partners doing your job, it is almost certainly because we have not been able to recruit people with your expertise, so please contact us today.

Our Partners are expected to raise their own financial and prayer support, as most of the positions we offer are not salaried. However, Interserve NZ is committed to encouraging and assisting our Partners in raising that support from their family, friends, colleagues, groups and fellowships.

Will you join with us in sharing the greatest news that anyone can ever receive? If you are interested in finding out more about serving overseas long term, check out our current vacancies, and then contact us to learn more.

Church-based and theological roles
Community development
Engineering (civil, electrical, etc.)
Information technology
Medical (doctors, nurses, dentist, optometrists, therapists etc.)
Teaching and Lecturing
Wildlife and environmental conservation
Youth and children’s work

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