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Interserve’s aim is to get followers of Christ involved in His global mission. Our focus is cross-cultural, and on the hard places; amongst the neediest, most marginalised, and least reached; and in a wide variety of missional involvements, overseas, whether short or longer-term.

However, there are also opportunities to be involved - with mission, and with us - right here in New Zealand. These include joining in with our Prayer Groups or prayer network, supporting Partners or projects, and linking in with our Business as Mission network. Other opportunities include helping out through voluntary work with Interserve NZ, or becoming an Interserve ambassador in your church or community.

Check out our vacancies for a sampling of the many opportunities available in the regions of the world we serve in. If you wish to support others, or get involved in some of the New Zealand options, please follow the links below, then contact us if you need any more information.

Short-term service opportunities
Long-term service opportunities
Business as Mission
Volunteer opportunities


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