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Ministries and Churches


Former Interserve Partners

Bruce Gibbs, NZ Baptist Union
David B Hall, Missions Interlink
Sam Harvey, Soul Survivor NZ
Steve Jourdain, St Albans Presbyterian

  Margie Dennis, Palmerston North
Rosemary Dewerse, Auckland
Matthew Gumbrell, Whangaparaoa
Hugh P Kemp, Palmerston North

Theological Training Institutions



John Hitchen, Laidlaw College
Patrick Myers, Eastwest College
Paul Windsor, Langham Partnership Intl
  Peter H Allen, Business Torque Systems

quote.gif  Interserve has done the core business of overseas mission in the hard places with excellence for over one and a half centuries. Today it continues to be visionary, transformational, contemporary, passionate, Christlike, inclusive, credible, fiscally accountable, relevant and incarnational. Interserve remains deeply committed to sharing the Good News in word and deed.
After a 20 year association with Interserve which has included being a partner in one of the hard places, a New Zealand staff member, a prayer and financial supporter, I believe Interserve to be among the very best of Overseas Mission Agencies."

Bruce Gibbs
Assistant Pastor, Whakatane Baptist Church
Transitions Facilitator, NZ Baptist Union

quote.gif  Interserve is one of the leading mission agencies in New Zealand, and is making an impact for God's kingdom in many ways across the nation and amongst the neediest people of Asia and the Arab world. However, Interserve also knows the value of partnering with others to get the job done. Their holistic mission approach involves a healthy variety of strategies, and over 800 mission partners around the world involved in transforming individuals and communities through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I can confidently commend them to you."

David B. Hall
Director, Missions Interlink

quote.gif  Interserve is a cutting edge mission organisation that takes radical followers of Jesus to the sort of 'out there' places that only the most hardcore people would go to. This organisation is not just changing communities through practical servant hearted initiatives, but is passionate about seeing the most marginalised of people discover the overwhelming love of Jesus. They are a mission organisation for the times."
Sam Harvey
Soul Survivor NZ

quote.gif  I've greatly appreciated Interserve's broad vision of Kingdom mission, their thoroughness in selecting candidates, the support they offer their mission partners in the field, and the way they value their partnership with the local church."

Steve Jourdain
Senior Minister
St Albans Presbyterian Church
Palmerston North


quote.gif  Interserve keeps abreast of cutting-edge priorities in contemporary mission. With their Christ-centred approach, Interserve accepts the challenges of hard places and demanding commitment. Interserve creatively develops new models and cooperative partnerships as they support their Gospel-focused ministry teams with effective administrative and personnel structures. At the Laidlaw College C3M [Centre for Cross-Cultural Mission] we are glad, and honoured, to share in equipping Interserve workers."

John Hitchen, BA, BD, PhD
Senior Lecturer, School of Mission and Ministry
Laidlaw College (formerly Bible College of NZ)

quote.gif  Interserve is a mission agency that has a rich heritage which stretches back over 150 years, yet is always open to new opportunities and methods of mission. One such example has been their recent emphasis on business as mission: a prime example of Interserve's commitment to holistic mission. We value our partnership with Interserve in reaching the world for Christ."

Patrick Myers
Eastwest College of Intercultural Studies

quote.gif  When it comes to entrusting people and resources and prayers to a mission organisation, it is the combination of heritage and innovation which appeals to me. It is about tracing a lengthy testimony of God’s faithfulness as well as sensing a ready openness to the Spirit’s promptings. Interserve is just such an organisation.”

Paul Windsor
Associate Director (Langham Preaching)
Langham Partnership International


quote.gif  I spent 10 years in Central Asia with Interserve, returning to New Zealand in 2006. I also served in Pakistan with Interserve for seven years in my youth. I am so pleased I chose to go with Interserve! The NZ branch is like a family: communication with them was regular and encouraging; leadership visited often; finance was on time and adequate. Decisions that affect you while overseas are made in the country of service by people with their ear to the ground and this saves time and misunderstandings. I've often heard people from other countries say they wish they belonged to Interserve NZ."

Margie Dennis
Former Interserve Partner
Palmerston North

quote.gif  Interserve was founded by women. Their heritage of valuing relationships, nurturing the gifts of all, a belief that men and women are equal to serve, flexibility, creativity, caring common sense, openness to the wisdom of others, deep and reflective faith, courageous sacrifice in challenging situations, and holistic approach to mission in hard places appealed to us. It's a heritage my husband and I now proudly own."

Rosemary Dewerse
Theological educator and former short-term Interserve Partner

quote.gif  When my family and I decided to fill a missional vacancy in one of the world's 'hard places' we knew that our choice of mission organisation was critical. Interserve proved to be a great fit for us. Our church family was fantastic, but there was a unique component that being part of Interserve added: we became part of an international team of like-minded people in the country we were serving, and we had the confidence of knowing there was a globally experienced, Christ-centred support network behind us. Practical, personal, prayerful.
Our changing world demands innovation and courageous risk-taking if we are to present the message of Jesus' hope in ways that truly connect with individuals and whole cultures. Interserve has a heritage that holds it firmly grounded, but it is perhaps this security that allows it to explore new means of being salt and light in the world's 'hard places'.”

Dr Matthew Gumbrell, BSc, BVSc
Veterinarian and and former short-term Interserve Partner

quote.gif  Interserve's field support is surpassed by none. We experienced Interserve to be innovative, yet well grounded in sound missiological and sociological principles. While being a well organised and efficient organisation, it is also a family, with caring support. Interserve is rooted in a biblical worldview, and seeks prayerfully to centre all it does in Christ's mission for the world."

Hugh P. Kemp
Former Interserve partner
Research Assistant, Massey University


quote.gif  As a business consultant and a Christian I appreciate Interserve's desire to embrace Business as Mission as 100% business and 100% mission. I have found Interserve to be proactive and innovative in their approach to BAM. They know about business and its difficulty in a foreign culture, and they know about missions.
I see Interserve as a conduit for making BAM happen... to enable, to facilitate people with God-given skills to make their BAM calling effectual (and so they are used by God to fulfill Philippians 2:13).”

Peter H Allen, BCom ACA
Business Torque Systems Ltd

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