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Our primary identity is found in belonging to God. Our values and operating principles are, therefore, rooted in our relationship with the triune God, as revealed in Scripture. Love, compassion, grace, holiness and a passion for right relationships are the foundation of our commitment to be an authentic Christian community. These things we share in common with other Christian organisations.
However, from our history, the people God has brought to our company and the way God has shaped us, we can identify values and operating principles that contribute to our distinctive culture. The following describes who we are and how we aspire to grow. They are given in no order of priority.

Our values


We embrace a variety of Biblically-based Christian spiritual traditions. We welcome a rich diversity of cultures, providing opportunity for growth and learning. Gender inclusivity is very important to us. Women and men share in the full range of ministry and leadership roles.


We strive for excellence and integrity in every aspect of our lives. We seek consistency between our public and private lives. We do our work as ministry, for the glory of God. We aim for transparency in leadership and communication.


We are in the process of being transformed into the likeness of Christ, learning and growing together. We respect and accept each other and those who we are called to serve. We do not seek recognition for ourselves or the name of Interserve.


Inward: We are a family, bound together by relationships of mutual accountability. We celebrate individuality whilst honouring the responsibilities of belonging to community. As a Fellowship, we are committed to pray, care for and respect one another. We are committed to excellent standards of support, pastoral care and personal development. Relationship provides the platform for leadership and decision-making.
Outward: A commitment to relationship shapes the way we work. Where there is breakdown of relationships in society (individuals and communities) we pray and work for reconciliation.


Our call is to enable others to experience the Kingdom of God and live as Jesus’ disciples. We do not seek our kingdom or our disciples. Leadership is exercised as service.

Our operating principles

Prayer and Worship

Prayer, worship, scripture and listening to God are the basis for ministry, growth, innovation and unity within the organisation.


We work to enable individuals to discover and use their call and gifts while ensuring that this is done in an appropriate way. We are open to new ideas, possibilities and ways of working. We are interested in working principles and open processes.

Locally Led

We practice devolved decision-making, enabling those affected by decisions to be involved in the process. We believe this allows us to be responsive to local needs, conditions and opportunities.


We are committed to co-operation with others in reaching common goals through shared vision and values. Partnerships take place at every level within and with those outside the organisation. It defines our relationships with churches in both sending and receiving roles.


We engage in mission through integrated ministry. Its principles shape the way we relate, including: rich and poor, business, development, health care, inter-faith dialogue, discipleship and church development. Most Interserve Partners have professional or vocational training. The use of these skills is central to the way we serve God and those He has called us to.


We aim to grow as disciples and enable others to do the same. Discipleship takes place in the context of relationship and community. Our desire is to enable individuals to fulfil God’s call, grow and use their gifts. Being discipled and discipling others is practiced intentionally.


Believing that all are made in the image of God, we practice participation in leadership, decision-making, strategic planning and pastoral care in all sectors of the Fellowship.

Prioritising the Marginal

Many factors result in some people having less opportunity to experience the reality of God’s Kingdom rule. These include: geography, wealth, poverty, social status, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation, urban or rural living. Our Fellowship emphasises ministry amongst those most marginalised from the gospel of the Kingdom.

For a greater understanding of our ethos, please follow the links to our Vision & Practice booklet series:
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