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Our vision

Lives and communities transformed through encounter with Jesus Christ.


Our purpose

To make Jesus Christ known through wholistic ministry, in partnership with the global church, amongst the neediest peoples of Asia and the Arab World.

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We are a multi-cultural, interdenominational mission organisation which provides opportunities for people to make a real difference in some of the hardest places in Asia and the Arab world.

Our extensive experience, international networks, and strong support structures provide our mission Partners with peace of mind and the security of knowing we will be there to make sure their overseas service, while definitely cutting edge, is also both rewarding and safe.

We provide a wide range of opportunities for a wide range of people. No extensive theological training is required to become an Interserve Partner: we place real people where there are real needs they can fill, whether it’s through their profession (engineer, doctor, teacher, administrator, graphic artist, video editor etc), or using their life experience and non-university training (dairy farmer, caregiver, grandmother etc.).
We also have many opportunities for people who are trained in the more traditional mission roles, such as pastors, church workers, etc.

We recruit and place all ages: students (aged 18+), professionals (single, married, families), empty-nesters and retirees. Students of many subjects can arrange their overseas’ electives through us (medical, engineering, business, theological, social, development…), and we also provide unique opportunities for business people to be involved in Business as Mission.

We are a cutting edge missional community committed to learning, and work in partnership with organisations and NGOs already working within the countries we serve. Good member care is provided from pre-departure to retirement, including pastoral support and medical advisors on the field, help in emergencies and pastoral visits from NZ from time to time.


quote.gif Interserve is a mission agency that has a rich heritage which stretches back over 150 years, yet is always open to new opportunities and methods of mission. One such example has been their recent emphasis on business as mission: a prime example of Interserve's commitment to holistic mission.
We value our partnership with Interserve in reaching the world for Christ."

Patrick Meyers
Principal, Eastwest College of Intercultural Studies, Taupiri
j quote.gif Interserve is one of the leading mission agencies in New Zealand, and is making an impact for God's kingdom in many ways across the nation and amongst the neediest people of Asia and the Arab world. However, Interserve also knows the value of partnering with others to get the job done. Their holistic mission approach involves a healthy variety of strategies, and over 800 mission partners around the world involved in transforming individuals and communities through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I can confidently commend them to you."

David B. Hall
Director, Missions Interlink

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Expanded Purpose Statement

We are called to participate in God’s mission, the process by which God is reconciling the world to himself. Our Purpose Statement does not attempt to define God’s mission. Rather, it captures the enduring and distinctive commitment and contribution of Interserve to God’s mission.

...make Jesus Christ known 

Mission springs from the heart of the Triune God. By stating that we “make Jesus Christ known” we do not ignore the role of the Father and the Holy Spirit in mission. Whilst the Scriptures teach us that God has revealed Himself through many and diverse ways, He has done so fully and uniquely in His Son, the Word become flesh. It is our privilege now to make His Son known in a broken and needy world. Reconciliation and new life are only possible through Jesus. Evangelism and discipleship is at the heart of our mission call.

...through wholistic ministry

Integrated ministry is wholistic ministry. The Word-become-flesh revealed the Father by deed, word, symbol and sign. We are sent into the world in the same way. Therefore, mission involves the demonstration of the reality of the Kingdom of God in every sphere of life. An incarnational, integrated approach is at the heart of our mission call.

..in partnership

We recognise that we play a part in how God is bringing about His mission. We do this in partnership with others. Interserve exists in order to encourage and facilitate churches and individuals to respond to God’s call to mission. Thus, we do not work alone as an organisation but together seek to determine where and how God purposes to use those who become part of Interserve. This requires of us attitudes of service and humility and a commitment to openness, sharing and vulnerability.

..with the global church

We rejoice in the reality of the global church and recognize the global nature of the missions movement that has sprung from it. Drawn from the global church, we seek to be a fully international community.

Wherever we work, we do so in partnership with local and national churches when they exist. A commitment to the development of local churches and the facilitation of those churches into mission is at the heart of our mission call.

..amongst the neediest peoples of Asia and the Arab World

Historically we have worked amongst the peoples of Asia and the Arabic-speaking world, wherever they are found. This continues to be our primary focus because it remains true that, in general, these communities have least opportunity to see and experience the reality of God’s Kingdom.
A commitment to “the neediest” is a reminder that we have limited resources. We chose to minister amongst the most spiritually, materially and socially impoverished.

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